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Newsletters are a valuable tool used by many companies today to not only market and advertise to their readers but to also distribute information and advice. They have the ability to increase customers and increase sales with just the click of a button. Interacting with readers on a regular basis allows your business to build the type of relationship with your clients that all business’ strive for. Not only do they read your newsletter when it comes out but they also follow your specials and purchase your products!


Have we sold you on the mystical powers of newsletters yet?!


Keep reading to learn more about the numerous benefits that putting out a newsletter could offer to your business and then let us know if you’ve decided that you have to have one. We’ll be waiting! 



When clients or potential clients subscribe to your newsletter off your website they are entrusting in you their email and other contact information. Over time you will discover that your list of contacts is quite large and you will see that you have built a more personal following than simply generating likes on social media. Doing so will also give you the opportunity to network with potential affiliates in your demographic area. Emails are also incredibly easy to share, thus having an email newsletter allows your readers to forward it to people whom they believe might be interested in your services as well. Just think about it.. with the click of a button your newsletter could build even more contacts than you initially imagined. A good newsletter has the potential to be forwarded to at least three other people you didn’t even know you were reaching.



Once you have generated a lengthy contact list you must be sure to maintain those relationships. Why would you go through the work of creating and distributing a newsletter if you aren’t going to follow up with the people you’re reaching out to? It doesn’t make much sense does it? Newsletters are an effective way of keeping in touch with both past and present clients on an ongoing basis. In order to maintain any relationship, it has to be mutually beneficial to both parties. Think of it in terms of loyalty; you can’t expect your customers to be loyal to you if you’re not loyal to them and vice versa. Your customers wouldn’t have signed up to receive your newsletter if they weren’t already fans of your product/service. Keep that in mind because providing value and content that resonates to your consumers is what truly matters.    


“Activate your fans, don’t just collect them.”



The very writing you provide in the content of your newsletter allows you to demonstrate your expertise in your field. Doing so can instill confidence within your readers and give them the satisfaction in knowing that you are well educated in what you’re offering or selling. Establishing this sort of leadership is marketing 101 and will help you stand out amongst your competition. Making a first impression is incredibly important but what’s more important is consistency when it comes to maintaining that impression. 


“Knowledge will give you power, character demands respect.”



Your newsletter should be packed full of useful information that demonstrates the qualities your business possesses, your general expertise, promotional opportunities, updated information regarding products/services, and a means of coming into contact with you. Newsletters are a great way to educate your readers with important information that they might be interested in so that they are fully aware of the goings on of your business. Even if they don’t make a purchase with your business for each and every newsletter, you are keeping them actively informed until they do choose to purchase your product in the future. Valuable content intrigues readers to the point where they have to know more.  



You’ll be surprised to learn that a lot of people are interested in hearing about upcoming events, especially if the event is directly related to something they’re interested in. Most people won’t reach out to you for this type of information, therefore if you send it directly to their inbox you are reaching out to those people in regards to what is coming up for your business where you otherwise weren’t. You can also include information on upcoming sales and promotions that your business will be having in the future or information on new products or services.   



Including your social media usernames in your newsletter allows your readers to find your business virtually anywhere. Social media platforms such as; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Linkedin, are increasingly important when it comes to advertising and increasing your business’ overall growth. Unfortunately, generating a following on social media platforms can be quite tricky but little did you know that social media links on emails have a high click-through rate! That’s more potential clients directly accessing your social media sites and viewing your advertising materials.


“Social media is about people. Provide for people and they will provide for you”



Every business out there wants people to visit their website and purchase their products/services. But what actually gets people to your website? It’s not enough to hope that your website will pop up on Google when people are searching for the type of product you offer. Having a newsletter aids in generating traffic directly to your website through repeated exposure. However, before your readers view your website they must first be interested in learning more about your company and what you have to offer to them and that is where having quality content comes into play.  



Newsletters are generally a one-sided, single piece of paper that are distributed electronically via email. That being said, there is not a lot of space to be wasted on useless information. Having too many words can be overkill when it comes to newsletters. Be informational but to the point in a way that represents your business’ tone of speaking. Even better… use illustrations! An image that will catch the attention of the reader will leave a lasting impression that will make them come back for more.



Think of how many times you made a purchase based off of an e-mail or newsletter that you had received. Over 50% of people who receive emails made at least one purchase based on promotional content!.. and that’s only one purchase. Promotions located directly within a newsletter entice the readers to not only read up on the content you’ve provided but it also entices them to buy your product/service. Think of a newsletter promotion as directly pitching a sale to a potential buyer, because that is exactly what you’re doing.


“Sell the problem you solve, not the product.”


Typical newsletters are distributed electronically via email directly to your readers inbox. Make sure to periodically send your newsletters, either once a month, twice a month, four times a year, etc. Whichever you choose, be sure to be consistent as your readers will be expecting a newsletter from you. Customers looking to connect with you aren’t looking to be pushed on the back burner and emailed at your convenience, they have personally subscribed to your newsletter with hopes that receiving your newsletter will be beneficial to them.

Because we’ve simply given you too many indisputable reasons why you should have a newsletter for your business, contact Royal Ink Design to have one designed for you! I mean… look how absolutely beautiful our custom designed newsletters for a local Las Vegas dermatology clinic are!!!

Monthly Newsletter Example



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