Lux Dermatology, formerly known as Desert Dermatology, became our client recently. They happen to be in our same office complex, what are the odds?! They have been operating here in Las Vegas for over 10 years, but had done little to no advertising or marketing until they walked through our doors!

LUX Dermatology Logo_Full Color WEB VERSION


We literally gave them a face lift! From their Logo, to their website, to their entire marketing collateral, we re- branded the company and it has been so much fun. We Royal Inked them out, and now their marketing feels like it should.

3.5"x2" Business Card Template


Lux Dermatology specializes in general dermatology and also aesthetics. They provide advanced medical treatment, diagnostic evaluations and surgical techniques for all skin conditions. They also offer a wide range of cosmetic products and treatments to rejuvenate and refresh the skin. I had a facial at Lux Dermatology with Judi Rush..and boy was it AMAZING!


Bridgette Wiley, their Office Administrator is just the Bomb Diggity and all of the staff there is incredibly amazing. We love cool, down to earth people and the team at Lux is just that! We love that they understand marketing and how a great design can really make a difference. We love how they do high end marketing materials and they really love to give the WOW factor, which is what we love to do BEST!



They have recently partnered up with iHeartRadio, 106.5, and 95.5 the bull, and they have tons of fun marketing events coming up. They are keeping us busy and we love every bit of it. We designed Got Skin? Shirts for their events, as well as their giveaway, custom designed sunscreens, that is badass marketing right there. 😉

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