Positive Working Environment

We all may go to work, but that doesn’t mean that we all love to. We spend just as much time at work as we do in our personal lives nowadays, which is why we must come to some sort of balance between the two. Not one single person can honestly say that their work life doesn’t have an impact on their personal life. Having a positive work environment is key for both employees and employers when it comes to maintaining happiness, productivity, and profitability!

Keep reading to discover how to establish a positive working environment at your office! We promise your business will only benefit from it!



Establishing an open form of communication can involve a lot of different elements all melded into one. As an employer you must make yourself easily accessible to your employees at all times. Your employees should feel as though they can openly communicate with you in regards to what they need from you. Yes, that means forming a professional relationship in the workplace! Communicating with one another on both good and bad issues will help clear the air and establish a positive corporate culture.

A great way to keep the communication open at your office that we personally incorporate at ours is that of weekly meetings. We absolutely love and value our weekly meetings as they give us the opportunity to re-group on a regular basis.


One of the most important parts of being the employer is setting the right tone at work. There are a lot of companies that are miserable to work for simply due to the fact that the owner or manager is insufferable to work with. Trust us, you don’t want to be like that. A lot of what happens at the workplace revolves around the tone that is set. If there is a bad tone at work then the likelihood that your employees will enjoy working with you is slim. Maintaining a positive atmosphere in the office will help you to maintain better results for your company!


Recognizing your employees’ hard work can go a long way when it comes to increasing productivity and forming professional relationships. After all, who doesn’t love to hear that they are doing a good job? It’s often discouraging as an employee when you know that you are working hard but no one seems to notice. Recognizing your employees will encourage them to keep up the good work and it will also make them feel appreciated, which can go a long way for any business.

Ways to show your recognition don’t always have to be monetary. Other ways to show your recognition could include giving mini-prizes, offering early days off, or surprising them.


Creating the notion of a team will help your employees feel as though they are truly a part of something. Nothing feels better than knowing that you are working on something much larger than yourself. Instilling team spirit is not always easy, but it is important when it comes to making sure that everyone involved is working towards the same goal, together.

You can show team spirit by celebrating birthdays, personalizing your workspace, and taking some time out of your day to just have fun!


Encourage your employees to openly share their ideas! No two people are the same, therefore allowing them to have their say could open up bigger and better opportunities for your company. Remember that you hired your employees for a reason, trust in your decision! Your employees will feel as though their input or opinion is of value and will be more open to sharing their ideas in the future.

A fantastic way to do this is to have an open door policy at all times!


It is imperative to always be understanding of your employees’ personal needs. Your employees will have emergencies, they will have appointments, some of them might have kids, and the list could go on. Companies that leave no room for flexibility and who put undue stress and pressure on their employees have a higher likelihood of decreased productivity and profitability. Workplace stress can also lead to decreased loyalty which could leave you with zero employees in the long run.

Over 50% of employees experience conflict between their work and personal lives. Consider changing your office hours, leaving some wiggle room, or allowing employees to work remotely! The rules of the workplace are always evolving, in 2017 it’s either go with the flow or sink with the tide.


The body of this blog, speaks for the take-away message itself don’t you think???

Business Organization

Some people are born with the inherent ability of being incredibly organized, while others are not. Don’t feel bad, the organizationally inclined individuals are there to teach those less inclined how to become just as efficient and systematic! Organization is not a one and done event, it is learned and it is practiced each and every day for the rest of our lives. Without organization there would be no order and without order there is only chaos.

Keep reading to learn how to organize your business and keep it that way!



Your schedule is completely up to you. It’s not up to us to decide when you check your emails, when you make phone calls or set meetings, or when you do your accounting. But it is up to us to provide you with the necessary information to better organize your day and your business. Setting up and getting into a daily routine can only increase your productivity and make your overall experience as an entrepreneur a lot more enjoyable.


As your business grows your life will be consumed with tasks and whether or not you think you’ll remember all of them, you should write them all down anyway. Organize your tasks however you wish! Separate them by customer, or type, or priority. Whatever will help you to better manage your time and stay up to date with your customers is key to having a successful task list. Have a task list for your personal life too! Lists are incredibly useful because there is nothing more fun than checking something off a list. At the end of every day, your incomplete tasks will roll over onto the next day with higher priority. Keep track of how useful the system is over time and then make changes as you see necessary.


When we say keep an updated calendar, we mean just ONE calendar. Your calendar can be online, on your handheld, or simply on your office wall.. whatever you choose, it is easiest to keep all of your scheduled meetings and events in one place. This way you will be able to keep track of everything going on in your business without the likelihood of forgetting or missing an important event. You can go one step further and color code your calendar as well! Remember that the key to a successful calendar is to have it, use it, take it with you, and to keep it updated at all times. If you aren’t doing all of these things, then you aren’t doing it right.


Update current desk items that bore you and make them more suitable to your personal style! Buy new stationary, writing materials, technology, etc. Organize paperwork alphabetically and by color also and you will find that over time you will become accustomed to recognizing paperwork by the way that you organized it. Take your time getting organized and be sure to stay on top of it! An un-organized desk leads to an un-organized business.. and who wants to be a part of that? No one.


Purging your desk and your computer of useless information could save you time and space in the long run. Old files can be shredded, worn out office supplies can be donated or trashed, and outdated technology can be updated! And this general rule can be used for absolutely everything in your office.


We highly suggest going paperless due to the fact that it lowers the risk of misplacing important documents while allowing you to stay organized in a more digital format. Paper documents can easily be scanned and uploaded to your computer at the push of a button and doing so will give you portability and accessibility like never before! Don’t worry about misplacing documents or spending eons searching for papers when you can search through all of your documents on a computer at once. Make sure you regularly update your software and scan for performance issues as well and back up all your files to a trusted server to keep them extra safe. That’s going the extra mile for your business and your customers!


Below you will find a list of suggested apps from yours truly to help you stay organized online:



Now that we’ve given you the tools to get organized and stay organized, it’s up to you to begin. It all starts with a simple step! So, turn the page, get organized, and discover what operating a business should really feel like!

Small Business Social Media
As a small business owner you know there’s a lot of work that goes into marketing and advertising your business in what seems like little time to do so. What if we could break down social media into 5 easy steps specifically catered to people either looking to start a small business or people who already own one?

Breaking into social media marketing for the startup or small business owner doesn’t have to be so intimidating.

All it takes is strategizing, getting social, engaging, advertising, and analyzing. Sound simple? Good, because it is.

Now let’s get started!





Find your niche! Research your competitors and get to know their strategies, but more importantly learn how to build your own. Running a successful social media campaign for a small business involves having an excellent strategy. Write down your goals; what you want your business to become, what you’re selling, who you’re selling to, and how you’re going to sell it. Now be realistic; where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? Write down all the details and take notes because operating a business is hard work and the initial steps to starting one are crucial. Over time expand each detail further and further until you feel that you have it all mapped out and then trust in it. Trust in your plan, trust in the process, and trust in the results. Sign up for social media marketing articles and tips from popular websites or blogs- these daily insights will motivate you to push on towards making your dreams a reality.


Knowing who your intended audience is can be more important than you think and it starts with understanding that your product/service isn’t for everyone. Once you know who your product/service is for, then you can better market to those individuals specifically. Learn which social media platforms your intended audience frequents and go to them! Learn how to use those social media sites, build a profile, and begin your marketing. You won’t get customers unless you know where to reach them.




No two social media platforms are the same. Yes they all have profiles that allow you to update all of your information and yes they all allow you to have followers. But all social media platforms are built for different reasons and vary in who frequents them.


Posting on social media can be incredibly daunting and there is a right way and a wrong way to go about doing so. Make sure you always use visuals- clean, attention-grabbing images. Posts with images receive far more engagement than posts without images. People use social media to be entertained and can you honestly say that a post without images captures your attention? Probably not. Large companies know that both engaging and promoting on social media are the key to success and sales. Is scheduling not something that you think you can take on as an everyday task? If so, you’re in the right place, Social Media LV designs, writes, and posts to your social media platforms so you don’t have to!


Now that you know what type of material to post about, it is important to remain consistent. Whether you post every day or three times a week, make sure that you are using the same pattern every single week. Your social media presence is all about just that- being present! Actively posting on social media gives your consumers the type of reliability that is expected out of any business. How do you presume it looks when people visit your social media accounts and you haven’t posted in a long period of time? It doesn’t look good. Lacking a social media presence is the same as lacking legitimacy. An active social media presence shows your audience that you are not only dedicated to them but you are dedicated to operating your business as well.




Brand awareness begins once your business starts making an impression on social media. Formulating a brand identity and staying true to who you are says more to your consumers than you may think. So join other groups and communities that are similar to yours, introduce your business, and build connections! Gaining affiliates is another way to increase your social media presence and gain followers.


Above we discussed the importance of understanding your intended audience but now you must understand the importance of engaging with them as well. Once you have found your followers, follow them back and converse with them! Look for opportunities to create an actual connection with your followers on a one-on-one basis; getting personal with your consumes allows them to get personal with you. Reach out to your customers often, ask them to fill out surveys, review your products, answer questions, and share photos of themselves with your product/service. Doing all of those things gives you the opportunity to retweet and share content that your followers will truly enjoy. Engaging with your audience on social media will help you to build a community that everyone will want to be a part of!




Coordinate your social media platforms by including the URLs to all of your different social media profiles on each individual platform. Optimize your website or blog by adding the URL for those directly to your profiles as well! Doing so can truly entice your viewers to visit your other social media platforms and follow your business on those too.


When you share links on social media you are promoting your business on a level that simply posting an image cannot compare to. Google search engine gathers information directly from linking through URL clicks and conversions when analyzing SEO! So link away! Link to your website consistently, link to your other social media platforms, link to articles related to the product/service that you offer, link to your blog, etc etc. Directing your audience to your other links is a great way to gain traffic to your website as well as boost your business’ SEO through your social media. It’s a double win!


If you’re looking to accelerate your sales through social media, consider paid advertising through Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin. All three of these social media platforms offer advertising solutions to help you get brand exposure, sales, website traffic, and audience engagement. If this sounds appealing.. look into your budget and see if paid advertising is an option you can afford. Sometimes making the investment can produce great results.




Tracking your performance can easily be one of the most intimidating tasks for any small business, however it is also the best way to determine which parts of your strategy are working and which parts aren’t. Pay attention to your growth and engagement especially as these two are the most helpful in gaining more traffic to your social media accounts. Once you do so you can then begin making adjustments to things that don’t work and begin investing more into the things that do work.


Over time you will come to see that your social media presence has helped you to build a stronger audience and increase sales like nothing else ever before. The worst thing you can do is compare your business to the success of anothers’. Understand that no two business are the same.. that doesn’t mean that yours is worse or that you’re failing.


Now that you know the 5 steps, the rests is simply rinsing, lathering, and repeating. Do you think you can handle that?

We know you can!

You may be accustomed to content marketing, social media, and building SEO as three separate concepts aimed towards achieving overall success, but what if we told you that you can do all three at once? Due to changes at Google, the three work in unison in building relations and increasing traffic. SEO is no longer only about keyword research and linking, but it now also includes profiling and page content.

Is your business struggling to make its’ way to the top of Google’s search engine results? If so, this blog is aimed towards helping you better understand what SEO is specifically and how social media plays a huge role in helping your business receive the recognition it deserves.


Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is the process of obtaining high visibility in a search engine’s results. Google itself has an algorithm that they use to assess websites and their content. Recently Google has undergone some algorithm changes by means of establishing a more human feel, thus they now take into consideration the type of content you distribute as well as the keywords you use with them. The algorithm itself is rather extensive but can be divided into two distinct categories; relevance and authority.


Did you know that proving that your business is authentic on your social media accounts actually ranks you higher on the Google search engine? Your credibility as an established company as well as your social media influence are all taken into consideration when Google determines your business authority. This means including content that is relevant to the service you offer, reaching a variety of viewers on your feed, and increasing content resonance which we will cover more when we discuss content indexation later on.


Since Google has their own social media platform, having a good Google+ presence is incredibly important to increasing SEO. So be sure to pay extra attention to your Google+ profile and stay engaged with people in your circles to ensure that your content appears higher on Google’s search engine. You may think it sounds silly for Google to play favoritism over their own social media platform but in actuality, Google+ is just a simpler way for Google to gather keywords and content for their algorithm.


Social media has become increasingly popular in recent years and is easily the fastest way to market businesses today. With the ability to advertise to people worldwide in a variety of different contexts, social media helps businesses grow in followers at a significant rate. Social media has revolutionized how people communicate with one another entirely and because of that Google began incorporating social media into their algorithm. Now nearly everything you do on social media impacts your SEO and the potential for your business to be recognized.


How you use keywords matters just as much as the keyword itself; use keywords to answer questions that your consumers might be asking. In order to do this, put yourself in the shoes of someone who would search for what your business offers on Google. Instead of using stand-alone keywords like, “pain management” try using questions like, “What is the best pain management center in Las Vegas?” Doing this exercise will help you better reach your intended audience on search engines as using keywords can create multiple listings for your company. Using keywords in your content on social media has it’s own SEO benefit as well as social media sites have a higher authority ranking as mentioned above.


Social media sites are frequented by people of all ages and demographics, therefore linking on them can increase your business’ SEO significantly. Linking on social media sites is said to generate a lot of traffic through search engines. For instance, when linking to or from social media platforms your content bounces all around the web through those links directly. Instagram is notorious of this as each individual hashtag acts as a link. Google search engine uses what are called, social signals by means of getting links.


Every social media platform contains a profile specifically designated for information about a business. Generally there is a spot for your company name, your address, and phone number. There will also be an about section where you summarize who you are as a company, what you stand for, and the type of service you provide. What you may not be aware of is that Google relies on reviews of social media profile for businesses made by third-party sites. Which means that completely filling out your social media profile with not only the required but the additional information improves the visibility of your company’s social media accounts.


Content on social media is only as good as the creative idea behind it. Therefore, in order for content to truly make a difference when it comes to advertising on your social media accounts, it must truly stand out. Your content should inspire your viewers to like, comment, share, re-post, or re-tweet! Search engines index content based on how much attention they have generated in likes, comments, shares, etc. so that people can easily find them when searching for it. Below you will find six tips to improving your content and increasing their likability.

  • Add emotional and sentimental value.
  • Tell stories that are relatable and compelling.
  • Stay at the top of your viewer’s mind with valuable content.
  • Share infectious content that is likely to spread.
  • Be informative and promotional.
  • Include your website or social media URLs.

Remember that it is just as important to reveal the more personal side to your business as it is to incorporate the professional side and make sure to keep an equal balance of the two. Lacking a personal touch lowers client engagement and likability but lacking professional service lowers growth and sales. Having a balance of both leads to clients who buy your product/service and rave about your customer service to their friends and family.

Social signals include; comments, shares, likes, tweets, etc. So not only does your activity on your social media accounts matter, but your viewers’ activity matters as well.

Now that you know the key components to increasing your search engine optimization through social media – get to it! It’s not enough to use the right keywords, included valuable content, and share links; you must also actively engage with your viewers. Here is a brief overview:

  • Include valuable keywords.
  • Link everything you can to anything you can.
  • Fill in every field of your social media profiles.
  • Promote your content regularly.
  • Encourage likes and shares to increase SEO.
  • Engage with your audience.

And there you have it! Take away the hassle and hire Social Media LV to do this all for you!



Increasing a business’ social media presence can be daunting and overall, time consuming. What you probably don’t know is that there are specific ways to not only finding quality followers but to keeping them. More often you will find that you have no problem getting followers but you have a big problem getting them to stick around. If this sounds familiar then you are in the right place! Learning how to manage your social media and get on a more personal level with your consumers could be everything you need and more to growing your social media presence. Below you will find ways to do just that.


Sharing your story allows consumers to truly get to know your brand through your point of view. No two stories are the same and with every story told there is someone who can relate to it. Take into consideration how you started and incorporate visuals or videos to make it more interesting! Your story can give your business the personal touch it may desperately need. Once you have revealed your soft underbelly to your audience, be sure to interact with them often. Make it your mission to acknowledge every like and respond to every comment. This shows your consumers that there is a genuine human behind the brand rather than just a robot posting promotional pictures.



Managing a business on social media involves a lot of organization and of course a lot of time. First, come up with a plan for your social media marketing. This could include posting twice a week in the morning, four times a week in the afternoon, to posting once every day at noon- it’s up to you! If you need help, our blog on social media timing is intended to better help you understand when your audience is online. Once you have devised a solid plan, be sure to stick to it. Your followers will begin to notice and remember your posting schedule and what do people love more than anything else? Consistency! Don’t waste your time posting unrelated content that solves virtually no purpose to your brand or your business. Instead provide visuals, videos, links to your other social media platforms, personal content, blogs, webinars, etc. that is directly related to your business and the audience you are intending to reach.



Peak the interest of your customers by offering them a deal they wouldn’t want to miss. Whether you are giving away something for free, currently offering a discount, or provide free shipping, you are enticing your consumers to not only purchase your products but to also refer you to their friends as well. Thus increasing your profits and the likelihood of said customers returning for more in the future. Where social media is concerned, give them a reason to come back! Simply liking or following someone back gave them that incentive they were hoping for.



Communication is key when it comes to operating a successful business. No matter if you are receiving a comment or a complaint, be sure to respond as soon as possible and in a professional manner. Offer solid customer service! If you receive a like, genuinely take the time to learn more about them. If you receive a comment, respond back to them promptly and personally. Communicating with people who take the time to communicate with you lets them know that they are being heard. Taking good care of your business means taking good care of your customers.



Learning how to enhance your social media accounts means learning how to properly use keywords and hashtags in your posts. Keep your intended audience in mind and narrow in on the things they are interested in! Keywords and hashtags not only increases the likelihood of your business appearing on google but it also improves the likelihood of your business receiving the recognition that it deserves. What are hashtags you wonder? Hashtags are clickable keywords that allow people to search specifically for content that they are interested in. However, use hashtags wisely! Too many unrelated hashtags can result in uninterested customers.



Linking, linking, linking! Link everything everywhere. Having multiple social media platforms is pointless unless people know you have multiple social media platforms and actively follow you on them. When it comes to showcasing your social media accounts, make sure you have them everywhere. On each individual social media account whether it be; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, or Linkedin, there is a section designated specifically for your other social media URLs and if there isn’t then post them at the bottom of the general information section. Your consumers will be pleased to find that they can easily follow you and contact you no matter which one of your social media platforms they are currently browsing. Take it one step further and include your social media URLs in your e-mail signature as well! Look at this like free advertising for your own business. If you have a website, be sure to link that URL to all of your platforms and e-mails too! Sparking the curiosity of others is a great way to grow your social media presence.



Social media platforms are constantly updating. That being said, businesses must be able to make changes rather quickly as social media platforms change quickly as well. So be sure to stay up to date with updates for the platforms that your business is using and learn how to manage your content accordingly. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google+ are all highly active social media platforms for businesses today and they are all different! Take your business farther and research the latest trends on how to gain more likes and followers for each of your individual social media accounts.








Social Media Timing

When it comes to posting on social media platforms, timing is absolutely essential. Before you become overwhelmed with the abundance of social media sites available for businesses today, you might find satisfaction in knowing that peak advertising times fall between regular business hours. Conveniently, peak traffic hours correspond with the audience you are intending to target.

In order to grab the attention of your audience and maintain it, you must first take into consideration your audience’s behavior. Behavior being; how old they are, when they will be online, and which sites they visit. Knowing this information is key to getting maximum engagement out of your audience.
Below you will find a list of the top social media channels of today as well as an expanded description of who frequents those channels and at what time. Once you have read this blog, you will have all the information you need to understand the importance of timing in social media marketing reach your intended audience at the right place and even more importantly, at the right time.


Not only is Facebook the most popular social media channel for all age groups, but it also has the largest audience as well. Facebook is perfect for merging an individuals’ personal life with their business life,       thus making it easier for consumers to stay up to day with what they’re interested in.
During the beginning of the work week you will find that your business may not receive as much attention on Facebook as it does towards the end of the week. The cause for that is that people generally focus         their attention on their own work in order to start off the week on the right track. However once it gets to be Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, people feel more relaxed and more engaged in the social dwellings   of the world. Facebook traffic is typically quiet on the weekends.
The time of day you post on Facebook makes all the difference. Traffic begins mid-morning, as people are scrolling through their feeds by means of staying updated with their peers and peaks between 1pm and     4pm as productivity has slowed and people are generally bored. This is when people seek out Facebook as a way to engage with others, share, and view other content. Once 4pm has passed, people are busy             heading home from work, cooking dinner, or spending time with their families.



Twitter has the tendency to attract a much younger demographic of individuals. So be sure to keep in mind the age of your intended audience as well as the social media channels they are most likely to use. Although people who use Twitter tend to be young adults, Twitter has proven to be excellent in engaging with businesses as well as with consumers.
Unlike Facebook, Twitter users scroll through their feeds consistently from Monday on through Thursday. Fridays are rarely frequented as people usually have plans and aren’t preoccupied on logging onto Twitter. Depending on what your intentions are, weekends may or may not be of benefit to you when it comes to marketing on social media. Businesses looking to expand their brand and get their name out there will have more success on weekends than businesses looking to network with other businesses will. Businesses work with other businesses during the work week, but businesses attract consumers during the weekends.
Again, the time of day you post on Twitter, is crucial. Between 12pm and 6pm people are ending their work days and commuting home and are thus more likely to scroll through Twitter during that time. Once 6pm rolls around, traffic will have slowed and the audience will have diminished.


 If you are looking to market a small business, Google+ is an excellent platform for you. Seeing as though Google+ connects directly to an individuals’ Gmail account, it is more convenient for consumers to  scroll through as they will have already been logged in to check their personal or business e-mails. Getting the most engagement out of your audience starts with reaching them at the right time.

With that in mind, all days of the work week are the best days for posting on Google+, i.e. Monday through Friday. It is best to avoid posting on weekends all together, as people are less likely to log onto  Google+ for any reason while off work.
It is found that late mornings between 9am and 11am are the best times to post on Google+ due to those times being peak work hours. Avoid posting after 5pm, as people have left their workplace and are no  longer focused on the more professional environment that Google+ has to offer.



Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform that gets its’ attention primarily from image centric postings. The largest benefit of Instagram is that of hashtags. Hashtags allow people to search for         exactly what their interested in through the use of keywords. For instance, if one were to search #smallbusiness, every image on Instagram that has been posted with the #smallbusiness tagline will appear.
Instagram audience engagement stays rather consistent throughout the week; with Mondays being the most popular and Sundays being the least. With the innovate capabilities that Instagram offers and the       sheer simplicity of it’s contents, people are drawn to how user-friendly it is. Thus, visiting Instagram more often than any other social media site.  For Instagram there is a large difference between peak posting   hours depending primarily on the size of the business doing the marketing. For instance, off-work hours,6pm-8pm, are the best time to post for small businesses, while business hours, 8am to 5pm, are the best   time to post for large businesses.


In conclusion, there are a lot of varying factors to consider when posting to social media platforms by way of marketing to a specific intended audience. Creating social media business accounts is redundant unless you are posting when your target audience is online. Whether you are a small business or a large one, timing is everything!

Remember to always:
-focus on who you intend to target and take the time to understand them.
-take into account the age of your intended audience.
-pay attention to the social media platforms your audience is most likely to frequent.
-analyze your postings and plan accordingly!

Social media marketing is only as powerful as the knowledge of the person posting it.

We have just launched our new Social Media Marketing website www.socialmedialv.com and we are extremely excited about taking this service to the next level. We have been offering this service to many of our exisitng clients, and now we have expanded this aspect of our business to expose this great service to everyone.

We have our in-house Social Media Director whose primary focus is to handle the social media management for all the clients that are currently taking advantage of this great service. Our goal is to create a presence for your company and brand that will not only visually stand above the competition, but also be a relevant source of media for your clients, customers, and fans. Social Media is not going anywhere and when your current and potential customers go looking for your business, it needs to be there!

You can Contact Us at anytime to learn more about this service or Click Here to visit our Social Media website and get a clear understanding of what we can do for your company!

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