Business cards are physical, highly portable marketing materials that are used to put a face to a business and provide means for contacting one. Almost every business out there has one and you should too! However, there is more to business cards then simply slapping your name and number on a piece of paper. There are several underlying aspects that go into creating a well-rounded, effective business card.

Let’s run through the details! Note: all images provided below are of custom business cards designed and printed by Royal Ink Design!



 Key information that you should always include on your business cards is as follows:

-company name via your logo

-your name

-your job title

-company phone number

-company e-mail




*Permitting that you have enough space*

-social media handles

– fax number

-personal phone number


Keep in mind that every business card has two sides! So be attentive to which information you put on which side to ensure that the end product isn’t too crowded or diluted.



Make sure you choose a font that isn’t too dynamic that you can’t read it once it’s printed. Choose something legible but not generic. You want it to be suitable for your brand without taking away from the actual information. Also, keep your font at 12 points or larger to stay on the safe side!

 Custom Business Card


Keep your overall design simple! The most effective business cards draw attention all while providing the proper information. That’s walking advertising! First of all, use your logo and the main dynamic of your business card by means of introducing your business through brand appeal. Second, consider using an image as a way to showcase a specific product that you offer. This will speak volumes when it comes to the quality of your product or services. Last of all, place most if not all information on the back of the card to avoid taking away from the logo so intricately placed on the front. Keep in mind throughout the designing process of how things will fit on the card once printed. And get them professionally printed! If you want to appear as though your business is professional, it is imperative that you’re marketing materials come off as professional as well.


 Custom Business Card


Typical business cards are 3.5” X 2” rectangles. Some are thicker than others depending on the paper your select and some more dynamically shaped depending on the shape you choose. If it suits your brand, consider embossing your cards, adding folds, hole-punching them, or adding some delicate foil accents. However, if you choose any of these options be sure that you do so for the right reasons. Sometimes standing out just to stand out can send the wrong message.


  Blue Foil


Why go through all of the effort to design an awesome card if you’re not going to put it to use properly? Below you will find some of the best practices for distributing business cards!



  • Always carry them with you! You never know who you’re going to meet or when you’re going to need them.
  • Don’t hand them out to everyone; hand them out to people you’ve shaken hands with personally.
  • Ask people for their business cards, then pitch yours.


Need help designing your business cards?..


Consider enlisting the help of a professional graphic design agency such as ourselves. Ideally, we design your logo (if needed), then go on to design your business cards as well as other marketing materials (postcards, flyers, brochures, banners, etc) that you may need. As graphic designers we design it all while carrying your brand identity through to each and every product. Once designed, we even print! Why? Because graphic design, print, and web development are what we do!



When it comes to first impressions, a business card is still a very powerful tool! We have truly mastered the art of high-end, custom business card designs and the highest quality printing that goes along with it. At Royal Ink Design Studio, we don’t use templates, all of our client’s business cards are custom designed and tailored specifically to that client and their business. We have managed to become the leader when it comes to business card designs in Las Vegas and around the nation.

From extremely sheek and elegant, to the more in-your-face designs, we can create the perfect business card for you. If you have considered separating yourself from the pack, and trying something other than the ‘Do It Yourself’ approach, then we invite you to Contact Us and take your business to that next level. Our design fee is a one time fee, wether it’s just you or a company of 50 employees, the design is only paid once and then you are only charged for the printing. It’s worth all 15,000 pennies!

Chong Law Silk Business Cards

Custom Business Cards

Branding a company starts with a conversation, a discussion about the business, the person behind the business, and the people it caters to.  KG’s Fury Bootcamp is like no other training facility in Las Vegas, and the owner himself is like no other individual either.  When Khalil (owner of KG’s Fury) walked into our studio, the energy and excitement filled our walls and we knew we were in for a treat.  He had a clear vision of what his workout facility would represent and it was not going to be the typical Las Vegas gym.  He explained to us that there would be no cell phones, no mirrors, no chatting, no whining, no quitting, no giving up and for 60 minutes there will only be hard work!

Our client’s vision for the custom logo design was clear, he wanted a figure (a depiction of himself) to be the main symbol signifying Fury and Strength; this character was to be looking up in the sky and ready to take on the world. Our task for a custom logo design was set!  We were challenged with coming up with a unique logo that not only looked BADASS but worked properly as any well-done logo should.  It should be simple enough to work as a single color print, be used for signage, shirts, collateral, etc.. and of course represent strength and stand out from the competition.

Our design team came up with one strong character and some variations for the type.  Below is the winner and what ultimately became the KG’s Fury Bootcamp official logo.  We used red and black as these are recognized as bold and athletic colors, we also made the type bold and italicized to represent strength and movement, and we made sure to incorporate their slogan which clearly says a lot about the brand and their beliefs.

KG's Fury Bootcamp Custom Logo Design
KG’s Fury Bootcamp Custom Logo Design
KG's Fury Bootcamp outdoor signage
KG’s Fury Bootcamp outdoor signage

Once the logo was approved we were able to move forward with the much needed collateral. We designed a custom business card and printed it on High-End Silk Laminate paper with Spot UV and the Opposite Corners Rounded to give it that extra unique edge (For more information on these and other business card options, you can check out our business card print section).  We also designed and printed half fold brochures to be used as informational handouts with their class calendar, contact information and specials.  Everything was custom designed to match the look and feel of their logo and match the brand as a whole, KG’s Fury Bootcamp was no longer a vision but a business that was ready to kick some ass!

KG's Fury Custom Business Card Design
KG’s Fury Custom Business Card Design
KG's Fury Custom Brochure Design
KG’s Fury Custom Brochure Design

Our team completed this project by custom designing and developing their website , which included the basic informational pages as well as a gallery, a blog, and other nice features to make this an effective marketing tool.  We specialize in custom designs and in making sure that all of our clients stand out from their competition.  From custom logo designs that are tailored to your company and clientele, to web design and development that is sure to give you a strong presence on the web, we strive for perfection.   We are not the cookie-cutter, template designers, the marketing materials that represent your company should be just as unique as your business.  For more information on how to get started with your branding please Contact Us and we’ll be happy to turn your vision to a great looking reality!

KG's Fury Custom Web Design and Development
KG’s Fury Custom Web Design and Development

Custom business card designs are one of our many specialties. Everything we do at Royal Ink is custom, we get creative and design custom marketing materials for our clients so that they stand out from the competition. It’s no secret that there are many websites out there providing business card “designs” at little to no cost, they are by no mean custom designs tailored specifically to your company, they are generic templates made to be affordable, quick, and simply get the job done. We understand that there are many companies out there who find this to be ideal, and they are just simply not our target clientele.

Our business card design fee is $125, above the ‘free’ price of those templates we mentioned BUT certainly not a high price to invest on a design that you can be proud of. Check out our business card design gallery to see some awesome samples.

We offer standard and high-end printing for business cards and many other products. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns!

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